Coverage of the Delaware Debates

The UD Alumni Relations Blog has been away for quite some time. While we would love to say that we’ve been away living vicariously through ourselves, we’ve really just been a bit lazy. Moving on.

It’s been a wild few weeks on campus as politics and the upcoming mid-term election taking front seat. The madness peaked yesterday as the second of the Delaware Debates took place in Mitchell Hall. Delaware Senate candidates Chris Coons (D) and Christine O’Donnell (R) took to the stage and their fans took to the streets.

In addition CNN came to broadcast from campus. Wolf Blitzer hosted his show, The Situation Room, just outside Smith Hall and then he co-hosted the debate. This morning Kirin Chetry of American Morning set up outside Mitchell Hall on South College Avenue and provided live post-debate coverage.

Check out the photos below, loyal readers. Needless to say, it’s been a wild few days.

o'donnell supporter or mocker?

"'cause I'm the taxman, yeah eah, i'm the taxmaaaaan"

amphibian or Gingrich?

where's the "you honk, we drink" sign?

cnn bus

Kirin Chetry


UD bus gets new life

The UD Football team is flying high with its undefeated record and #2 national ranking.

The Philadelphia Eagles just lost a game to a guy they traded away and about zero people are enthusiastic about their season.

Knowing that, one would surmise that the two programs are about as far apart as you get. Yet there is a connection.

A University of Delaware bus purchased and redesigned by Mike Quirk and his brother, alumnus Marty Quirk ’79, is now a genuine Eagles mobile. Equipped with a bathroom, seating for a dozen, leather couches and television, this tailgating vehicle is made from mostly recycled/second-hand materials.

Get Inside a Recycled Eagles Bus []

That’s just a little bit more than the law will allow

Previously we complained about “semi-suicidal jaywalkers” in Newark and it appears Newark’s finest have a bone to pick with illegal street crossing as well.

With the beginning of the fall semester, UDaily reports “the Newark Police Department has announced that it will be enforcing laws pertaining to pedestrians and crosswalk safety, as well as vehicle driver rights and duties regarding pedestrians.”

To be frank, our complaints about jaywalkers are done with our tongues firmly in our cheeks because we’re just as guilty as the next Blue Hen when it comes to darting across Main Street, Delaware Ave, South College Ave, Academy Street, et al.

similar to Main St. & N. College Ave., no?

The UDaily article/warning continues to state that main areas of enforcement will include, “Delaware Avenue, Main Street, College Avenue, Cleveland Avenue and Elkton Road.”

Gah! They’re after us!!!

Stay vigilant, Blue Hens, and make sure to look both ways for cars, and all around you for police, when crossing the street!

Newark Police Department announces enforcement of pedestrian law []

After New Student Convocation

Yesterday at the Bob Carpenter Center the Class of 2014 was officially welcomed to the University of Delaware by President Pat Harker, Provost Tom Apple ’82PHD and a host of UD dignitaries.

President Harker told the freshman, “You’re a student today, but you’re a Blue Hen forever. You’re tied to this University and its people, and to all the virtual strangers sitting way too close to you right now.”

The students all received gold t-shirts which featured the University’s new slogan, Dare to be first. Harker commented that he hoped the Class of 2014 would dare to make the world a more innovative, more humane, more beautiful place to be.

After the ceremony, the students were treated to a meal just outside the Field House and all freshman were encouraged to sign their class banner. The banner, sponsored by the UD Alumni Association, will be displayed at class-specific events over the course of the next four years, in particular Commencement 2014. Check out the photos of the newest Blue Hens engaging in this newest UD tradition.

New Student Convocation Welcomes Class of 2014 []
Dare to be first []
UD Alumni Association []

You know what they call macaroni with cheese in Paris?

So the students are back and photos from move in day and all that will be posted eventually, but before we get to the Sturm und Drang of Arrival Survival and lugging refrigerators up flights of steps, the UD Alumni Relations Blog feels compelled to tell you, loyal reader, about an amazing development in the University of Delaware dining halls.

UD Dining Services has taken macaroni & cheese, added a 21st century twist and created Le Mac, an entire menu around variations on mac & cheese. Blue Hens now have a station that offers 10 wide-ranging variations of mac and cheese with all kinds of ingredients including several cheeses (pepper jack, cheddar, Monterey jack, fontina, bleu), spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, grilled chicken, hot sauce, tuna, onion, red peppers and more.

While the UD Alumni Relations Blog is in awe of this major culinary achievement, we are frankly outraged that this was not available when we were in school. All we got was cheddar! For any student not to have these options in the dining hall is an ABSOLUTE TRAVESTY! AHHHHHHH!

(deep breaths)

Anyhoo – you can best believe this semester that we’ll be sneaking out of Alumni Hall and sneaking into Russell or Pencader Dining Halls to dominate Le Mac. When we do, we’ll make sure to bring you every mouthwatering bite.

UD Dining’s ‘Le Mac’ gains national recognition []

Trickle about to become a tsunami

Off campus Blue Hens have been coming back to Newark throughout the week. Student-Athletes have been in the dorms since preseason started. And some students have been on campus because they’ve been taking classes. But all that isn’t the same as move-in day.

Yesterday marked the beginning the what the UD Alumni Relations Blog has dubbed The Return as early move-in kicked off. Check out the photos below and see for yourself. Pencader Dining Hall looked to be filling up and the Independence Turf (Pencader Dorms, RIP) hosted some bros playing sports.

Campus prepares for “The Return”

We have to admit it – summer in Newark is pretty nice without the students:

  • There’s little traffic on Cleveland Ave.
  • Newark Bagel doesn’t have a permanent line out the door.
  • Semi-suicidal jaywalkers don’t roam the street, jumping in front of your car.
  • One need not dodge bikers riding on the sidewalk (when they shouldn’t be!).

That said, it’s great to see campus getting ready for the return of the kids. There’s an energy in air when Newark’s population increases by about 15,000 Blue Hens that is simply awesome.

With that in mind, check out the photos of the Rodney Residence Hall Complex – the dumpsters are a give away that this weekend marks the return of students. Stay tuned, loyal readers, more photos chronicling “The Return” will be posted throughout the next week.